Accelerator Academy virtual support for seed stage companies

Accelerator Academy is open for applications for its 26th semester virtual support programme, having helped companies secure over £110m+ in equity funding.

Accelerator Academy is a perfect fit for:

  • Tech startups
  • In their first year of trading
  • Looking to raise£150k –£1m
  • Seeking mentorship from successful exited entrepreneurs
  • Ambition to build a scalable business
  • Teams with domain expertise

Accelerator Academy is a 12-week part-time virtual support programme specifically designed for domain experts who are looking to grow their business through training, mentoring and access to capital. Applications for the 26th Semester close on 12th April. If you are a startup in your first year of trading and looking to raise £150k – £1M of equity investment, or if you have recommendations of startups in your portfolio to apply to the programme, please visit Accelerator Academy’s website for more information and the application link. https://acceleratoracademy.com/

Accelerator Academy virtual support for seed stage companies

By The Accelerator Network09 Apr 2020