Celebrating our 10th online pitching event

A week after the lockdown started in March and the world was brimming with uncertainty, Angels Den decided to do whatever we could to keep the lights on for start-ups and angels.

Now, two months later, we have completed our 10th online pitching event last week, and have presented 20 start-ups to more than 350 angel investors across Fintech, IoT, Cyber Security, Sustainability, Media, Proptech, etc.
Furthermore, we have started an all-female founder event, that we look forward to continuing this month.
As more investors are interested in debt, we are organizing separate debenture events.

We look forward to our next few months of growth, in which we want to ensure that start-ups will complete their funding needs even faster and investors will benefit from the incredible opportunity that Angels Den and the local ecosystem can offer.

Until then, allow me to invite you to our 11th online pitch on Thursday at 1 PM, featuring two excellent Fintech companies:
baggl and Coconut

Please click below to register:


Celebrating our 10th online pitching event

By Angels Den12 Jun 2020