China “Jinbo” Award International Roadshow (Online)


We are collecting innovated projects to join China “Jinbo” Award International Roadshow (Online) , you will win some great opportunities from investors or cooperation with some industry leaders from China.

Deadline of Application: 30 Sep 2020

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Initiated by Guangdong DR. Council for the Promotion of Innovation and Development in 2011, “Jinbo” Award is under the guidance of Torch Center of Ministry of Science and Technology and undertaking by Dr. Technology Group. The Award is positioned as a virtual incubator of innovation and entrepreneurship for high-level talents, which is a global contest for high-level talents to explore, demonstrate, communicate, incubate and convert their scientific and technological achievements.

It aimed at providing whole chain incubation service for incubated projects, and foster projects that have outstanding contributions, as well as established the benchmark of high-level talent’s innovation and entrepreneurship. Thus, the achievement of the innovation and entrepreneurship could be promote and incubate better, innovation development of enterprises could be facilitated, national strategic emerging industries could be promoted as well.

Since the “Jinbo” Award established in 2011, it has gain extensive support and responses from nation and numerous local government, scientific academia, financial world. Up to the end of 2019, the Award has gathered over 2000 projects to enroll, as well as organized hundreds regional contests and industry contests in southern part of China, Central China, Eastern China, the United States, Canada and Ireland. The contest would provide whole chain incubation service for all the enroll projects. Till now, the Award has provide entrepreneurship guidance for over 300 projects and deeply incubate hundreds projects, which is highly appraised by the industry.

Eight Highlights of “Jinbo” Award

1. High-caliber: Mainly for high-level talents that represented by Doctor and posses panel of experts that leaded by academician.

2. Black tech focus: Mainly aimed at cutting-edge high-tech projects.

3. Towards Global: The Award owns international vision and would continuously introducing global resources to China, thus to energizing innovation and entrepreneurship in China.

4. Based on the industry: The Award will combinate with regional industry and realize the deep integration of achievements and industry.

5. Gov-recognition: Received strong support and recognition from the national, provincial, municipal and other regional government.

6. Full Chain Service: Projects could access to resources on “Dr. Technology Cloud” platform. Dr. Technology will provide service like policy support, venture investment, landing support, etc,.

7. Sector Fund leaded: Projects will gain direct investment from Dr. Achievement Transformation Fund, meanwhile boosted by Sector Fund.

8. Full Publicity: Cooperate with authoritative media and providing multi-channel, real-time report to the projects.


Guidanced By:

Torch High Technology Industry Development Center, Ministry of Science& Technology, Department of Science and Technology of Guangdong Province


Guangdong DR. Council for the Promotion of Innovation and Development


Dr. Technology


Southern national technology transfer center/ International Innovation and Entrepreneurship Service Platform (Shenzhen)/ Guangdong Venture Capital and Private Equity Association/ Yangzhou technology property trading market/ Huaian technology market/ Yancheng technology market/ Wuxi technology market/ Jiashan science and technology market/ Zhuji science and technology market/ Zhenhai district technology market/ Pan’an science and technology market/ Longyou science and technology market/ Xinchang science and technology market/ Shaoxing science and technology market/ Dongyang science and technology market/ Kaifeng technology transformation service platform/ Lishui industrial complex platform/ Hai’an technology property rights trading market/ Shenzhen longgang district science and technology innovation service platform/ National science and technology achievements transformation service (nanning) demonstration base/ Baise science and technology achievements trading center/ Nanning high-tech zone intellectual property service platform ( Keep Adding)

Fund Alliance:

Sequoia Capital, IDG Capital, DCM Capital, Yida Investment, Saifu Investment, Matrix Partners, Junlian Capital, Qiming Venture, Noahgroup, T-Rex Capital, Shenzhen Capital Group, Yimi VC, Yueke Technology Financial Group, Cybernaut Investment Group, GF Xinde Investment, GTJA Investment Group, Walden International, Tamarace Capital, Seed Venture, Guangdong Zhongguang Investment, Haihui Investment, Guangdong Investment, Guigu Industry Investment, Hua Ruixin Investment, Chinalco Investment, Chinalco Investment, Deqin Asset, Chuantu Capital, National Investment, Tianfeng Investment, Tianfeng Investment, Ficus Capital, Source Capital, Innovation Works, Huaping Investment, Northern Lights Venture, Lenovo Venture, Huachang Capital, Shunwei Capital, Mingshi Capital, Guangzhou Guofa, Wuyue Capital, Yunjiu Capital, Jiuhe Venture, Oriza Holdings, Songhe Capital, Yuanhe Origin, Qianyuankunyi, Nanxin Venture, Tongchuang Weiye, Fortune Capital, Kai Fu Capital ( Keep Adding)

China “Jinbo” Award International Roadshow (Online)

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