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Automative – SEIS & EIS Pitching Event

Dear Investors,

Have you ever thought that:

Handing your car in for servicing has been a cumbersome and lengthy process?

Finding a good and fast mechanic to good prices has been difficult?

Or, do you find that:

You have an interest in cars, and especially automotive sports such as Formula-1, Rally, Roadracing, Nascar, etc. and the culture around it?

If the answer to any of these questions is a yes, you will find our upcoming pitching webinar at 1-2 PM on 10th of September very interesting:


The webinar’s theme is the automotive industry and we will be presenting two promising young companies that deals with exactly the questions raised above.

The first company, ClickMechanic, revolutionises the process of finding mechanics by providing an online platform where you can easily book and pay for pre-vetted professional mechanics with the availability of mobile mechanical service.

The second company, GPBox, was started by a former F1 engineer and is a curated marketplace with items for car enthusiasts spanning multiple motorsports, vintage cars and general car brands.

If you would like the details, the entrepreneurs themselves would love to tell you more at our webinar. We will be looking forward to having you!

Date and time
10 September 2020
13:00pm - 14:00pm
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