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Deepbridge Syndicate – Company Briefing webinars

A series of short working lunch Briefings introducing our high-growth EIS-eligible investee companies, with a particular focus on those aiming to assist with the current healthcare crisis.

In these uncertain times, we believe that it is more important than ever to support the UK’s early stage ecosystem.

At Deepbridge we are proud to be supporting several companies who are directly, or indirectly, aiming to assist with the healthcare crisis or to support economic efforts, and the first series of webinars will be focusing on these companies.

During the 40-minute video call, a representative from Deepbridge will give you an update on what we are doing to support our companies in this difficult time followed by a presentation by an investee company and Q&A.

Please note that spaces are limited to 10 guests, to ensure there is plenty of opportunity for everyone to ask any questions they may want to.

To reserve your space, please click on the below link. You may register to attend multiple Briefings.


1.00: Welcome and introduction from Deepbridge

1.05: Deepbridge investee company presentation

1.25: Q & A with attendees

1:40: Session Closes


30 April, 1pm

Company Description

The Company have developed a suite of portable, multi-parameter, non-invasive, hand-held emergency vital signs monitors, and are currently in discussion with healthcare systems in the UK, US and Spain in response to the healthcare pandemic.


7 May, 1pm

Company Description

The Company is a mobile recording provider, aiming to address the global financial services compliance challenges of enabling integrated mobility and social technology within heavily regulated industries. They advise that as the Coronavirus pandemic has led to an increase in remote working, they have been experiencing increased interest in their software as organisations seek to maintain regulatory compliance.

The Company has also recently (Mar2020) secured a strategic investment of £5.5 million from NatWest to accelerate the growth of its communications surveillance technology for financial markets.

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14th May, 1pm

Company Description

This Company is focused on developing and publishing innovative engagement and communication applications and technology for all emerging alternative realities (Virtual Reality/ Augmented Reality / Mixed Reality – referred to collectively as xR) – extended reality), which is platform-agnostic (although primarily developed for mobile use) and has both consumer and commercial use cases. They advise that the Coronavirus pandemic has led to increasing interest in their applications from consumers, which is likely due to the increased desire to stay in contact remotely during lockdown. The Company also advises that their software capability to create user engagement within the sports and leisure industries is being developed with the aim of creating consumer/fan engagement during lockdown.

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21 May, 1pm

Company Description

The Company has developed an innovative cancer diagnostic device technology that employs Electrical Impedance Spectroscopy (‘EIS’) within a device that seeks to improve and extend current cancer screening programmes, by providing accurate and objective results in real-time. The Company advises that many screening programmes have been suspended during the Coronavirus pandemic and therefore, in order to catch up, they are expecting a high volume of screening to be undertaken in a short period following the reduction of restrictions. In order to reduce the pressure on doctors and to reduce the potential for human error during a busy period, the Company advise that they are in a number of conversations to expedite orders.

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If you have any further questions please do not hesitate to get in touch, enquiries@deepbridgesyndicate.com

Please note these events are for Investors only.



Date and time
07 May 2020
14:00pm - 15:00pm
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