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Getting value from Social Media (Pre-recorded)

Explore the world of social media for innovative businesses with Dan Spicer, Ventura Digital (Pre-recorded).

  • How can you ensure that your business is delivering value from social media?
  • Do you understand how the social media algorithms work?
  • How should you decide what platforms are right for you?
  • Paid vs organic, which generates greater value?

Our expert speaker is Dan Spicer will be covering all this and more in this pre-recorded webinar. Dan is Founder and director of Ventura, a performance marketing agency based in Colchester. Dan has expertise in research & insights development, social analytics & intelligence, and accelerating customer engagement through social business. Helping clients embrace the transformative power of social to drive business value.

This webinar was recorded in October 2020.


Date and time
01 December 2020
14:00pm - 15:00pm
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