GlobalWelsh Academy Future Series: The future of start-up funding

Event Details

Date: 26.05.2020 - 26.05.2020
Start Time: 1pm (BST)
End Time: 2pm (2pm)
Location: Zoom

Join London-based investor, mentor and entrepreneur Eamon Tuhami as he looks to the future and explores the post-COVID-19 early-stage investment landscape and tells us why there’s no need to panic!

Joining Eamon will be joined by a fantastic guest panel including: Anna Fairhurst (Capita), Carl Griffiths (Dev Bank), Greg Healey (Angel investor), Ian Tracey (Anchored In) and Alex Leigh (Dev Bank). They’ll be discussing what start ups are doing to adapt to current challenges, what funds and investors are thinking, how to access alternative capital, raise funding and plan for business growth post-COVID-19 and beyond!


If you can’t make it to the event but you are a start-up founder looking to raise money for your business, click here find out more about the GlobalWelsh Investor Portal >>

About Eamon Tuhami:

Eamon Tuhami is an entrepreneur, mentor and angel investor with both startup and corporate experience across a wide variety of businesses and sectors. His consultancy, X8IQ specialises in supporting teams and business grow fast and sustainably. He’s also the CEO of, a technology platform that helps take the maintenance out of managing, improving the connection between managers and employees, boosting performance, engagement and ultimately making work better.

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