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GlobalWelsh Academy: Podcast your way to success

Podcasting has been around a while but nothing has bolstered its appeal quite like a global pandemic, with Spotify seeing a 69% increase in the amount of podcasts being created per month since the lockdown began.

Now, more than ever, people are looking for new ways to project their messages, air their views and engage with like-minds on a global stage. For businesses, podcasting is a way to reach and engage with new audiences, for individuals an outlet for channelling their passions.

Although most of us will have dipped in and out over the years, some may be avid fans, some advocates – the prospect of launching our own is completely new. Whatever your experience with podcasting, if you want to know more about podcasting, this session is for you. Join us to explore why, for businesses and individuals alike, the time has never been more ripe to enter the brave new world of podcasting.

During the session we will explore:

  • Introduction and marketplace overview to Podcasts – Dylan Pugh (Spotify)
  • Podcasting as a business-development tool – why should businesses create podcasts? Steve Austins (Bengo Media)
  • Podcasting to channel your passion – why should people create podcasts? Rhys Waters (Podstarter)
  • How podcasts are changing the media landscape – Seren Jones (BBC)
  • A Welsh podcast success story – Steff Garrero (Socially Distant Sports Bar)
  • Audience Q&A session
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Date and time
14 July 2020
18:30pm - 19:30pm
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