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Impact Investment Funds Webinar Series

Building on the success of the initial Impact Investment Funds Conference 2019, ClearlySo has partnered with Octopus Investments and Paul Hastings to launch an online series focused on exploring impact investment across multiple topics at a particularly relevant time. With interest in impact investing surging, the online series will bring together experts across the investment sector to discuss the latest trends and the market responses in a series of topical panel-based fora. These in-depth discussions should be particularly interesting and lively given the unprecedented climate and the experts who will be participating.

The topic of the first webinar is ‘Impact Investment Funds and Innovations in the Health Sector’. This event will showcase how funds in public and private markets are backing emerging new technologies and innovative partnerships that promise to help increase quality of care while reducing costs for health care commissioners and insurers. This webinar will arm LP investors with an understanding of the health sector and provide insights to help inform fund allocations.

Our second and third webinars in the series will be on, ‘How to identify and call out impact-washing – the chasm between the CSR press release and effective impact investment strategies’ and ‘The emergence of impact investment debt funds differing approaches and structures in a field previously dominated by equity funds’. More details to follow.

Register for one or more of our webinars here.

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Date and time
14 May 2020 - 25 June 2020
14:00pm - 15:30pm
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