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Investment Readiness: The Innovation Model Canvas

A Fellow of the Chartered Management Institute, the Institute of Consulting and the Chartered Institute of Marketing, Simon is an Innovation Management specialist with a broad commercial background covering a variety of technology-based sectors.

He has worked with organisations both within the UK and internationally and provided business coaching and training under a variety Government programmes including Growth Vouchers, Destination Digital, New Enterprise Allowance and Growth Accelerator as well as degree level qualification training in Sales and Marketing for the Institute of Sales and Marketing Management.

Simon currently leads a team of Innovation and Partnering Advisers for Enterprise Europe Network who provide funded support to SME’s across the East of England to help them innovate, internationalise and grow.

Today’s webinar focuses on entrepreneurs with innovative and market disruptive ideas that seek investment, covering topics such as;

  • Why do you believe your project will produce something so highly innovative that investors will invest
  • Why is it technically feasible
  • Can you scale up production
  • Identifying intellectual property
  • Is there a plan
  • What are the risks
  • Market potential
  • Customers
  • Value proposition
  • Channels
  • Competitors
  • Customer relations
  • Cost structure
  • Revenue streams
  • The team
  • Context
  • Top tips
  • Resources

And forms one of a series of webinars in the Investment Readiness programme of support for growing businesses.

Date and time
04 November 2020
14:00pm - 15:30pm
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