Is coaching important in the angel investing space?

Event Details

Date: 20.01.2020 - 20.01.2020
Start Time: 10.30am
End Time: 11.15am
Location: Webinar -

We are beginning this year’s Stakeholderz webinar programme on 20 January with Phil Renshaw, author of ‘Coaching on the Go’. Phil will be highlighting important coaching skills investors can use to increase executive leadership and management strengths throughout their investment portfolio.

Last Summer Phil and his co-author Jenny Robinson, published ‘Coaching on the Go’, which focused on how to lead a team effectively through utilising key coaching skills. In this webinar, “Is coaching important in the angel investing space?”,Phil will be highlighting the skills and techniques which apply directly to angel investors and entrepreneurs.

For further information and to register to attend the webinar please click here. If you are not able to attend live then by registering you will receive a link to the recording after the event to view at your leisure.

 I do hope you can join us online on 20th January at 10.30am for what promises to be an insightful look at how you can maximise your impact as an Investor or an Investing Director.

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