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Series A+

The term ‘funding gap’ is a phrase that is common to most within the early-stage investment space. Throughout the last decade it has been used to describe various points on the funding ladder, whether it be the gap between seed/angel and venture, or venture and growth capital, or growth and IPO.

The definition most regularly associated with the start-up community has been at the Series A round – the challenge of getting businesses to a point, using whatever forms of financing available, where they are of sufficient scale and interest to institutional VC funds. It has been a perennial issue, but one which has seen change in the past few years.

The old charge against venture capitalists was that they were retreating from early-stage and getting later and later. Whilst this is certainly true in some cases, there has been a perceptible shift and there are now more firms and more funds targeting younger companies than there have been for many years. This is partly cyclical, but it is also a recognition that the UK start-up scene is currently going through something of a golden age, with new companies, new technologies and new funding all combining to create a potent cocktail of enterprise.

This event will bring together VCs, angels and entrepreneurs to discuss raising series A and beyond.

Please note this is a UKBAA members only event.
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Date and time
06 November 2017
14:00pm - 18:30pm
Venue Address
Silicon Valley Bank, Alphabeta Building, 14-18 Finsbury Square, London