Fantastic Beasts TV launches awareness drive for female-led businesses

Fantastic Beasts TV, one of UKBAA’s most recent members, has published a showcase of female-led businesses from around the globe, which members can access here.  Covering a wide range of sectors, this edition of the Fantastic Beasts TV Global Deal Monitor allows investors to jump straight into each company’s presentation, to see the people behind the companies.

Co-founder and CEO Jiahui Li explains: “You can think of us as Netflix for pitch videos.  Early-stage businesses are nothing without a great founding team and the best, fastest way to form an initial view on the investment opportunity is to watch the founders’ pitch.  That’s obviously been harder to do in person, recently.  Our task is to organise all the on-line pitch material that has blossomed during the lock-down, and make it easily discoverable by investors according to their mandate or criteria.  Relying upon serendipity to discover opportunities isn’t efficient – our search engine makes discovery systematic.

“Certainly now, there’s no issue for any investor who seeks out diverse founder talent – there is abundant supply of it waiting to be discovered at Fantastic Beasts TV”

Fantastic beasts TV supports female-led businesses, find out more at this link

Fantastic Beasts TV launches awareness drive for female-led businesses

By Fantastic Beasts28 Oct 2020