Haatch News Update

Q2 Portfolio updates

Q2 has been a positive one for all of our Portfolio companies, Post the initial challenges, Covid has provided significant opportunities within our portfolio in what really is a once in a lifetime digital disruption event.

We’ve seen VuePay progressing into soft launch and expanding their team; Eleanor using the downtime luxury resorts are experiencing to land grab and Buymie have seen a solid quarter of growth due to the increased demand for online shopping alongside theirBristol launch. We ended Q2 with Poplar closing a round of funding, signing a major partnership with TikTok and making their first acquisition!

Codices Deal

We closed the Codices Deal at the beginning of Q3, our stat of the week from our portfolio is “If Codices were a video game they would be in the top 10 highest concurrently played games of the year with over 300,000 players tuning in last Saturday night”.

Closed Fund 4

We’ve now closed our 4th EIS fund and are excited to have 4 strong companies to be able to invest into, we will be fully deployed into all 4 companies by the end of August.

Opening Fund 5+R[2]C

Fund 5 will be open for EIS investors from September 1st with a close date of October 31st, a great opportunity to invest alongside us in the next waveof disruptive digital companies!

Haatch News Update

By Haatch Ventures LLP12 Aug 2020