Healthcare start-up expands its digital testing platform to scale COVID-19 antibody testing

Vital Signs Solutions, a digital healthcare start-up backed by a number of private investors from Leeds-based non-profit, NorthInvest, has been awarded a significant grant by Innovate UK to help fight COVID-19.

The Innovate UK grant is part of the UK Government’s support for innovation that can alleviate the effects of the COVID-19 crisis.

Vital Signs Solutions will adapt its digital platform, called PocDoc®, to digitise any COVID-19 antibody rapid test assay and embed this within an app available on smartphone and tablet. The app will be able to collect additional data to help track and analyse the spread of COVID-19 and its impact on the presence of antibodies in the population.

The first version of the app has been finished and will be undergoing real-world beta testing in the coming weeks.

In addition to its efforts to help tackle COVID-19, Vital Signs Solutions is continuing to develop its own range of physical blood tests that are integrated with its PocDoc® platform, with results delivered immediately via the PocDoc® app.

Steve Roest, CEO of Vital Signs Solutions, comments: “Our success to date in developing the PocDoc® platform to address both COVID-19 and other major global diseases would not have been possible without our network of engaged investors, some of whom are part of NorthInvest. Being part of NorthInvest was instrumental in us finding investors who believed in our team and vision and we would recommend it to any entrepreneur.”

Founding Board Director, Helen Oldham, NorthInvest said: “Vital Signs Solutions and PocDoc® is yet another example of how NorthInvest and its community of investors supports ambitious entrepreneurs to help change the world. We are very proud that a company supported by NorthInvest is building such valuable products and services.”

Healthcare start-up expands its digital testing platform to scale COVID-19 antibody testing

By NorthInvest20 Aug 2020