Innovation Gateway for UK Market

CBA Startup Ecosystem (CBA), a Global Group with presence in US, Canada, UK & India & with a network of 3000+ VCs & 100+ corporates, have forged a Strategic Partnership with Innovation Gateway – an alliance of UK based organisations who are transforming the performance of their buildings using innovative technologies. Innovation Gateway members include leading commercial organizations such as Tesco, BT, Kingfisher, Heathrow and Natwest, and public sector organizations including Nottingham City Council and the University of Birmingham.

CBA, with a mission to build innovation eco-system for creating better jobs & assisting startups, growth companies, investors, mentors, local economic development stakeholders and corporates, have Seed to Exit Programs leveraging 40 years of global business experience and network of the group.

Innovation Gateway, through innovations in energy, waste, water, productivity and wellbeing, is creating a technologically advanced ecosystem to help its members achieve challenging performance targets for their buildings.

The partnership between CBA and Innovation Gateway will help to deliver innovative solutions to the challenges faced by UK buildings in areas including:

1) Smart Buildings: Improved experience for building users whilst making the job of managing these buildings easier.

2) Smart resource utilization: Reduced consumption of energy & water by eliminating wastage & optimal use of resources to create transformation within the built environment.

3) Big Data: Leveraging data related to building use and resource consumption to identify waste & optimize building operation and performance.

The scope of the partnership covers technologies including DSR (Demand Side Response), V2G (Vehicle-to-grid), HVAC (Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning), BMS (Building Management Systems), Artificial Intelligence.

The partnership endeavors to give Indian startups with innovative technology an access to UK markets, so that they can explore the potential to address high impact building performance gains through pilots & commercial contracts.

Sharing his thoughts on this strong partnership, Kaushal Chokshi, Founder of CBA shared that “The strategic partnership with Innovation Gateway brings opportunities in UK market to our portfolio and member companies. We are looking forward to bring value to all stakeholders in the CBA and Innovation Gateway ecosystem”

Lucinda Lay, Operations Director, Innovation Gateway says of the partnership “We’re very excited to enter into this partnership with CBA. It offers us the opportunity to leverage their extensive network in India to identify Growth startups at a Series A & above, who can deliver the next wave of globally scalable technologies with wide applicability.”

Amongst other initiatives, CBA & Innovation Gateway will scout for relevant and transformative technologies, from organizations that are capable of scaling solution delivery in the UK market. Once shortlisted, solutions will be showcased to Innovation Gateway’s member organizations .

The intent is very clear! CBA & Innovation Gateway will widen the boundaries of Innovation across geographies to solve some of the priority challenges faced by building owners and managers globally.

Innovation Gateway for UK Market

By Cross Border Angels26 May 2020