Know Your Membership Part 1: Posting News & Events


Welcome to the first of UKBAA’s Know Your Membership series. Over the summer we’ll be identifying and exploring the services you can take advantage of as one of our members as a 7 part series of articles that we’ll be posting each week. Today we’re kicking things off with one of our most popular benefits: posting your news & events.

As a trade body one of our goals is supporting and helping our members raise awareness about themselves and connect not only with other members but our wider network and ecosystem. To support this our organisation members have the opportunity to post their news, latest investment announcements and events directly to the website.

As you can see by viewing our news or events pages, there is a huge variety of thought pieces, guides, lists, summaries as well as pitching events, roundtables and more! We receive 10,000 unique visitors each month all of whom are active members of the early stage investing community on both the founder and investor sides. As long as you have something that is interesting to the early stage investing ecosystem we encourage you to post it. The only things we ask people to not post are live investment opportunities. Those are best placed on our DealShare platform, which we’ll be discussing in the next of our Know Your Membership series.

To access this service login to your account and click on add news/event/investment announcement. This will take you to a page where you can create your news/event/investment announcement and once it’s been created you can also go back and edit what you’ve created.

When getting started, or if you need a refresher you can also download our guide to posting on the website.

Anything you post will be included in the relevant UKBAA newsletter, which is sent to over 11,000 subscribers and operates on a five-week cycle as detailed below:

  • Week 1 – UKBAA curated news
  • Week 2 – Dates for the Diary
  • Week 3 – Member news and events
  • Week 4 – Dates for the Diary
  • Week 5 – Member news and events

We use the newsletter as one of the main ways we keep our network updated with our programmes, events and activities, as well as keep everyone updated on what our members are up to. It’s a great way to boost awareness of your activities and help ensure your messages reach as many people as possible.

If you would like to learn more about posting news & events, the newsletter or anything else about membership don’t hesitate to get in touch with our Membership Manager Thomas Charles at Thomas.charles@ukbaa.org.uk.

Tune in next Tuesday for the next in our Know Your Membership series where we’ll be exploring our DealShare platform, how to find the right deal for you, nominate your founders and more!

By UKBAA03 Aug 2021