Make the most of the UKBAA’s DealShare platform

There has never been a better time to make the most of the UKBAA’s DealShare platform. In the past year it’s been moving from strength-to-strength and grown to the point we now have 70 live deals on the platform and with 1000+ investors browsing it’s an excellent way to supplement your dealflow.

As a member of UKBAA you will have access to deals covering every sector with a particularly high proportion focusing on economic growth, good health & wellbeing as well as industry, innovation and infrastructure.

Members also enjoy the option of adding deals by nominating founders/entrepreneurs to the platform. These people will be able to build out their deal pages and push them live, putting them on the screens and at the fingertips of over a thousand angel investors, with no hidden fees or costs. The only thing a founder needs to do is ensure they meet the minimum requirements we ask to ensure they’re angel investment ready.

We are proud to provide this deal discovery service to members, but with the COVID-19 pandemic causing havoc for the angel investment ecosystem we have temporarily opened it up to individual investors. If you’re an angel investor and would like to browse the deals you can sign up now and get access to these dozens of excellent deals.

So log in and check out the many excellent deals all ready for your investment!

The minimum requirements are:

  • Post Proof of Concept
  • S/EIS eligible
  • 20% of the current round funded (committed funds are fine)
  • UK Based
  • Raising £100k-£5m

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By UKBAA30 Jul 2020