AngelList allow investors to in high quality deals alongside top angels and VCs. AngelList Syndicates allows accredited investors (Syndicate Backers) to follow and coCinvest with other notable accredited investors (Syndicate Leads). In 2014, 250 startups raised over $100m via AngelList Syndicates.

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Investor Type Crowdfund and Online Investment Platforms
Services Provided Live Pitch Presentations, Online Showcase
Investment Stage Seed, Start-Up, Early Stage VC, Later Stage VC, Expansion
Investment Opportunities Yes
Regions Covered National
Investment Range Less than £150k, £150k - £250k, £250k - £500k, £500k - £1m, £1m - £3m
Sectors Considered Advertising and Publishing, Automobile and Transport, Business Products and Services, Clean Tech and Eco Innovation, Computing and Electronics, Consumer and e-commerce, Consumer Technology, Creative Arts and Entertainment, Digital Media and Content, Fashion and Design, Fin Tech, Financial and Professional Services, Food and Drink, Healthcare, Med Tech and Digital Health, Internet of Things, Logistics and Distribution, Materials and Manufacturing, Mobile and Telecoms, Retail, Social Impact
No. of opportunities selected each year 400 globally
Company Initial Fee Nil
Company Success Fee We charge £8k per deal to the investors and charge carried interest of 5%
Investor Membership Fee Nil

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