AngelNews is the leading European news service for the investment market, especially for business angels, investors and the companies they back. We report news through our website on over 1,800 fast growing businesses, and every day we break exciting news about the great companies of tomorrow.

As well as reporting news on fast growing businesses, we help companies looking for funding to advertise their investment opportunities to our network of investors, business angels and venture capitalists.

All of our publications and registration to our website are completely free of charge, through assistance from our Preferred Partners, who finance the site and give us expert content to support the market place.


AngelNews publishes the popular AngelNewsletter online at the beginning of each month, which includes topical articles on the investment market and a selection of monthly news, investment advertisements from companies seeking funding, jokes, details on upcoming events and much more!


As well at the AngelNewsletter we also publish the Pitching for Management newsletter - to register to receive it please go to

We also hold lots of great events and conferences for investors and entrepreneurs including:

For details of our and other relevant events please check the Events calendar on this website or call the office on 01761 452 248

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