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To succeed as an entrepreneur, you need support you can trust at every stage of your business’s growth. Two generations ago, most of our clients had inherited their wealth. Now, most have earned their money as entrepreneurs – through founding, acquiring, building and selling their own companies. That’s why we have a range of services designed to support entrepreneurs – whether your business is just a great idea, or you’ve built an empire you want to pass on to your children. Start-up: Our Private Bankers can help you raise the capital to found and develop your business. Securing funding: If you’re a serial entrepreneur, we can help you secure finance for your next venture while your wealth is tied up in your existing business. Adding value: We’ll advise you on how to gain market share and enhance the future value of your firm. Selling your business: We weigh up scenarios to help you identify the right exit strategy. Ensuring your legacy: Through succession planning, we help you ensure a lasting legacy for your business, whether for your children or to give back to the community.

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Services Provided Debt Finance, Financial and Wealth Advice
Does this organisation invest or provide business funding? Yes
Investment Opportunities No
Regions Covered National

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