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BRAN Investments is dedicated to helping passionate people achieve real business success. Since the late 2000s, banks have become reluctant lenders, and we have heard about a number of great ideas and well-run businesses unable to win the financial backing they need to grow. Through BRAN Investments, we want to share our own expertise, access to our large network of knowledgeable commercial contacts and offer direct funding and access to capital to new and promising ventures achieve more. We balance financial insight and commercial expertise with agile decision making and strategic thinking. Open communication is everything, and we bring that to all of our investments.

Additional Information

Investor Type Angel Groups
Does this organisation invest or provide business funding? Yes
Investment Stage Seed, Start-Up
Investment Opportunities Yes
Regions Covered National
Sectors Considered Advertising and Publishing, Aerospace and Defence, Automobile and Transport, Business Products and Services, Clean Tech and Eco Innovation, Computing and Electronics, Consumer and e-commerce, Consumer Technology, Creative Arts and Entertainment, Digital Media and Content, Fashion and Design, Fin Tech, Financial and Professional Services, Food and Drink, Healthcare, Med Tech and Digital Health, Internet of Things, Life Sciences, Logistics and Distribution, Materials and Manufacturing, Mobile and Telecoms, Renewables and Energy, Retail, Social Impact
No. of opportunities selected each year 5-10
Company Initial Fee Pricing varies according to level of service
Company Success Fee 5% (dependant on deal type)

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