iStarter is one of the top European angel-led accelerators created by 100 top italian managers and entrepreneurs. We help fast-growing Startups to scale up internally. Our missin is to empower emerging innovators to realise their visions.  Our support is listed below: 1) Build. Test. Learn: We provide a scientific approach to creating and managing startups, our goal is to reduce uncertainty. Inspired by same principles upporting the lean startups, methodology, we have developeed our exclusive structured incubation.  At the end of this stage, the startup will be able to estimate the capital need supported by structured scientific experiments. Documents Bag In this stage iStarter will support the startup exploring several financial options. This document set is the set you will use to share the vision with potential investors.  We make introductions to institutional investors and business angels communities.  Having formalised the funding need, it will be possible to start the raising stage.  Leeds will be generated in the iStarter network, through events and through our partners. CO-Investments The iStarter 60+ equity investors, consider investing in the projects in total autonomy and transparency.  As iStarter, we also facilitate Club Deals between our Partners.  Through iRadar, we give access to a constant high-quality deal flow analysed by our Management Team.  We collect feedback and the partners appetite in order to understand if there is a room for a club deal.  When a startup generates enough interest we manage all the process to structure a win-win deal. Startups can apply through our website.

Additional Information

Services Provided Cross Border Investment, Incubator / Accelerator, Live Pitch Presentations
Does this organisation invest or provide business funding? No
Investment Stage Seed, Start-Up
Investment Opportunities Yes
Regions Covered All
No. of opportunities selected each year 12
Company Initial Fee £1500 - £1700
Company Success Fee 3% - 7% success fee in equity of the startups that secure funding

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