Seedrs Limited

Seedrs is a leading European marketplace for private equity investment. We operate an online platform which provides:

  • Investors of all shapes and sizes—ranging from retail to
  • institutional—a transparent, straightforward and cost-efficient way to invest
  • in the equity of private companies; and
  • Growing private companies—from seed-stage to pre-IPO—access to a
  • broad base of investors who can provide patient capital together with community
  • engagement.

We believe that private equity, and in particular the equity of growth-focused private businesses, is a highly compelling asset class for many investors. A diversified portfolio of investments in these companies has the potential to outperform—while being largely uncorrelated with—most other types of investment.

Historically, private equity investments were generally available only to those who could allocate significant amounts of both capital and time to them. We built the Seedrs platform in order to open the asset class to all investors who understand and want exposure to its risk/return profile.

We attract the best companies to the platform by providing them with a simple way to raise capital from the widest range of investors. This includes our large and active base of retail, intermediary and institutional investors, but it also includes the companies’ own customers, partners, vendors and friends. All of these investors are attractive to growing businesses not only for the capital they bring but also for the value they can add as a broad network of informal advisers, introducers, evangelists and supporters.

Since our launch in 2012, we have played a key role in defining and building this section of the capital markets. In the process we have become one of the largest and most prominent firms operating in it. But we are only at the relative beginning, and we have ambitious plans over coming years to expand profoundly the number, size and type of investors we are serving and businesses we are funding.

Additional Information

Investor Type Crowdfund and Online Investment Platforms
Services Provided Live Pitch Presentations, Online Showcase, Sale of Shares
Investment Stage Seed, Start-Up, Early Stage VC, Later Stage VC, Expansion
Investment Opportunities Yes
Regions Covered National, Isle of Man, Continental Europe, International
Investment Range Less than £150k, £150k - £250k, £250k - £500k, £500k - £1m, £1m - £3m, £3m - £10m
Sectors Considered Advertising and Publishing, Aerospace and Defence, Automobile and Transport, Business Products and Services, Clean Tech and Eco Innovation, Computing and Electronics, Consumer and e-commerce, Consumer Technology, Creative Arts and Entertainment, Digital Media and Content, Fashion and Design, Fin Tech, Financial and Professional Services, Food and Drink, Healthcare, Med Tech and Digital Health, Internet of Things, Life Sciences, Logistics and Distribution, Materials and Manufacturing, Mobile and Telecoms, Renewables and Energy, Retail, Social Impact
No. of opportunities selected each year 100+
Company Initial Fee No initial fee
Company Success Fee Single, one-time fee: 6% of total funds raised, 0.5% payment processing fee and £2,500 completition fee

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