Stakeholderz is a unique equity funding platform that introduces high quality, early stage investment opportunities to Investing Directors and further experienced investors and executives. As the Stakeholderz name suggests, this programme is about managing a stream of high quality ventures, senior executive talent, an investor base and the combination of all three to drive interest in investment opportunities and fundraising. Stakeholderz works within the Investing Director community, Angels and VCs to raise the profiles of ventures and increase investment appetite. This programme brings both investments and senior expertise to what is often a fledgling management team. The Stakeholderz Venture Committee oversees the selection of suitable ventures for the platform, and matches them with Investing Directors. Unlike other crowdfunding platforms, Stakeholderz champions lead Investing Directors who are chosen by ventures to take on key executive roles and accelerate fundraising. Our mission is three fold: · to drive enhanced growth in early stage technology companies by bringing together experienced lead Investing Directors who fill a talent need and seasoned investors, to meet the funding requirements. · to bring new investors to this vibrant national community from our large senior high net worth network by providing the information, education and support needed to turn them into active investors. · to stream high quality, technology based, deal flow to seasoned investors. Free to register on  

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