SyndicateRoom is a premium equity crowd funding platform that allows the crowd to invest in real Angel investments by co-investing with seasoned Angel investors. SyndicateRoom is the first online platform to use Syndicate Funding 2.0, a new model of finance that allows informed investors to invest in real angel investment deals by investing alongside seasoned Angel investors and Venture Capitalists. SyndicateRoom allows busy and successful professionals to enjoy their EIS and SEIS tax reliefs by investing in startups with the peace of mind that there is always at least one Angel investor investing in the same deal. A sophisticated crowd can invest in real Angel investments with four big advantages:
  1. Due diligence – no investor can legally rely on other investor due diligence but the crowd knows that an Angel is investing a large amount of capital into the very same deal.
  2. Valuation – The valuation of the business is the result of the negotiation between Angel investors and entrepreneurs rather than just set by the entrepreneurs
  3. Great online pitches that are not investible businesses will struggle to raise finance
  4. Corporate Governance – Angel investors provide guidance and contacts to less experienced entrepreneurs, increasing chances of success
Members of SyndicateRoom are able to see what deals the most active Business Angel Networks are presenting to their members, see what Angel investors are investing in and then co-invest with them in the very same deals. SyndicateRoom arranges the deal on behalf of the company including KYC and AML checks, allowing the company to collect investors during their fund raising campaign with the capital being held in escrow account as it is committed throughout the campaign.

Additional Information

Investor Type Crowdfund and Online Investment Platforms
Services Provided Software
Investment Opportunities Yes
Regions Covered National
Investment Range Less than £150k, £150k - £250k, £250k - £500k, £500k - £1m, £1m - £3m
Sectors Considered Advertising and Publishing, Aerospace and Defence, Automobile and Transport, Business Products and Services, Clean Tech and Eco Innovation, Computing and Electronics, Consumer and e-commerce, Consumer Technology, Creative Arts and Entertainment, Digital Media and Content, Fashion and Design, Fin Tech, Financial and Professional Services, Food and Drink, Healthcare, Med Tech and Digital Health, Internet of Things, Life Sciences, Logistics and Distribution, Materials and Manufacturing, Mobile and Telecoms, Renewables and Energy, Retail, Social Impact
No. of opportunities selected each year up to 50
Company Initial Fee No fees
Company Success Fee 5%

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