Venturescape is a curated database of the best UK early-stage and growth companies. We aggregate a huge number of quality data sources, research and opinion, to build a rich profile of each business. We then blend machine-based analytics with human oversight to assess various metrics, building a reliable assessment of company's potential. We also seek to leverage the power of the community, in gathering and presenting peer-group feedback and ratings. Venturescape helps give investors and stakeholders a better, more comprehensive view of quality growing UK businesses, enabling you to carry out your own due diligence and to track how a business is performing. We aggregate investment opportunities from a wide range of originators giving investors early sight of deals, that are relevant to their interests. We track and alert you to important news and announcements, and provide you with sector and theme-specific comparables, so you can discover your next opportunity. Venturescape provides entrepreneurs with a valuable source of data on their competitive landscape, enabling you to research competitors, partners and other related businesses. Venturescape can give larger businesses valuable data on potential acquisition targets, advances in sector innovation and reliable information on smaller companies in your space. Venturescape aims to become the definitive source of data on the UK's growth SME landscape. Any organisation that is involved with or interested in enterprise and innovation will find highly useful data, feedback and learning from our platform.

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