2017 Q4 Reflections



26 January 2018

2018 is our year.

The last few months for NorthInvest have been very exciting, to say the least. We’ve seen an increase in resource, energy, connections and activity, which both prepared and positioned us to enter 2018 in the best form possible.

Back in July, we were shortlisted as ‘One To Watch’ for the Best New Entrant category at the UKBAA Angel Investment Awards 2017. This really set the benchmark, and as a result, the subsequent months have been packed with hard work and growth.

Our team rapidly expanded at a pace of one per month(!) to welcome three new members, Jack CulpanWill Schaffer and Sara Parker, who all tackle different parts of NorthInvest’s activities to ensure a smooth yet efficient process.

NorthInvest and IsleofMediaLetter of Intent was signed between NorthInvest and IsleofMedia, promising a combination of both offerings for startup financing and advice with complementary strengths.

We were featured in the Northern Powerhouse 2050 report. Highlighted in the digital section, NorthInvest was showcased as a case study within the Funding Ecosystem as a vehicle for co-investments between public and private equity.

Our #LeedsFintech Summit kicked off a great start to our sector event series, which aims to build presence around our five specialist sectors (fintech, healthtech, digital media, cyber and tech for good) through showcasing and bringing together startups, scaleups, investors, entrepreneurs and facilitators. With NorthInvest Board members Tom Bridges and Graham Pearce on the panel, as well as representatives from The Northern Powerhouse Partnership, U and White Label Crowd Funding, a key takeaway from the event was the phrase ‘collaboration, not serendipity’, which is something we’re really working on in 2018.

NorthInvest Fintech

The Times featured founder Adam Beaumont in an angel investor Q&A, which delved into Adam’s motivations for investing and what he looks for in an entrepreneur, as well as providing insight into NorthInvest’s founding principles and vision.

Helen Oldham - UKBAA SummitOne of our founding Board members Helen Oldham represented NorthInvest at the recent UKBAA Winter Angel Investment Summit in London alongside a number of key investors and influencers in the space.

A little closer to home, Helen also featured on the panel at Fintech North’s November Networking Seminar in Leeds to share promising insights into local fintech startups that had approached NorthInvest in their quest for funding.

Aligning with that topic, we had over 100 applications for investment in the last four months from a diverse selection of founders, with 64% of these northern based. Encouragingly, approximately one-third of these were introduced to investors, with many more in the pipeline.

In sum it up, the last few months of 2017 have been both incredibly exciting and full of opportunity, and we are very much looking forward to taking 2018 by the horns and growing the north.

You can follow what we’re up to on Twitter, at @NorthInvestUK

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