2019 Global Startup Ecosystem Report is now live


UK Business Angels Association

16 May 2019

The 2019 Global Startup Ecosystem Report is based on interviews, surveys, and research from hundreds of startup support organizations, thousands of founders, and millions of companies.

The #GSER2019 was created for:

  • Technology and business policymakers
  • Startup founders and employees
  • Startup support organizations and programs
  • Entrepreneurial community builders

#GSER2019 highlights:

  • The top five startup ecosystems overall in 2019 are Silicon Valley, New York City, London, Beijing, and Boston.
  • There is no “next” Silicon Valley — instead, there are 30 startup ecosystems around the world that will soon lay claim to a parallel vibrancy and economic productivity.
  • Deep Tech startups — those relying heavily on intellectual property — are the fastest-growing group globally.
  • The four fastest-growing Startup Sub-Sectors are Advanced Manufacturing & Robotics, Blockchain, Agtech & New Food, and Artificial Intelligence.
  • Startup Sub-Sectors showing decline are Edtech, Digital Media, Gaming, and Adtech.
  • While early-stage funding for startups has more than doubled since 2011-12, it has risen by a factor of 8 in Agtech & New Food — and quadrupled in AI.

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