Activate Capital launches its second startup podcast series


Activate Capital

09 June 2017

Activate Capital, the Startup Studio, is sharing its business expertise with entrepreneurs as part of its second podcast season. With insightful and entertaining information, the eight ten-minute episodes guide listeners through key topics to consider when building a new company. To listen go to

This second series of podcasts covers topics to help startups grow – from storytelling techniques to insights into what being an entrepreneur means.

In Episode 8, for example, Annette Kramer, strategist and pitch expert, advises listeners on how to build an impactful business narrative. She reinforces the importance of creating a compelling and engaging story through improvisation so that the story doesn’t sound tired or rehearsed: “No story should be told exactly the same way twice, unless you are an actor,” explains Annette.

This engrossing series is an excellent way to conveniently access thought-provoking discussions via your phone or computer.

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