An online food discovery business has become the fastest ever to be equity crowdfunded in the UK


Angels Den

11 February 2014

Flavourly launched 10th February with a record number of Angels interested in investing in the business and the innovative young startup reached target in fewer than 24 hours.

Founder Ryan O’Rorke was delighted with the news, and Bill Morrow, founder of the Angels Den platform, has announced that they will now have to introduce a stretch funding option since the project is so oversubscribed.

“I had anticipated that Flavourly would do well with crowdfunding, it’s the perfect way to build a customer base as well as raise the capital the business needs to scale.

“The additional funds will be used to ramp up customer recruitment even more and reach the scale in numbers that we are projecting to achieve.”

Bill Morrow of Angels Den said: “To be the platform that hosts the one of the fastest ever equity crowdfunded projects in the UK makes us very proud – especially since we only launched this model at the end of last year.

“The success, and speed, of our crowdfunding model is down to the strength and knowledge of our 6000 strong angel network. Their experience means they know what they like as soon as they see it, and they’re quick to show their support.”

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