Angel Academe invests in Nuggets


Angel Academe

14 January 2020

Angel Academe are thrilled to announce our investment in the digital identity startup Nuggets, founded by Seema Khinda Johnson & Alastair Johnson. Our lead investor, Emma Maslen, says, “Nuggets technology empowers consumers to take back control of their data and reduces ‘friction’ in online shopping baskets for retailers. Super excited to see what they’ll achieve over the next few years.”

The business has recently received a range of accolades including ‘Best Innovation in Security Management’ at the FDATA Open Finance Awards, was shortlisted for ‘Most Innovative Product or Service’ at the Teiss Awards and acknowledged as a global leader in Self-Sovereign Identity by One World Identity. Seema was also nominated for Entrepreneur of the Year at the 2020 Women in IT Awards.

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