Angel Academe’s latest investment – Applied


Angel Academe

19 November 2018

We’re delighted to announce our latest investment in Applied, the platform that makes recruitment smarter, fairer and easier. 9 Angel Academe members invested in the £1.5m round alongside some other individual angel investors as well as Blackbird Ventures, Skip Capital, Giant Leap and Impact Generation Partners.

The software as a service recruitment platform launched in 2016, and so far has been used by more than 55 employers from a wide variety of sectors to recruit candidates for more than 2,000 jobs. Meanwhile, more than 50,000 candidates have, well, applied via Applied to date.

Applied’s approach to recruitment employs behavioural science and algorithms, but not AI-based matching as that tends to create replication bias – ie this is what you hired last time, so we’ll match candidates to that. All candidates are assessed on the basis of their skill, not whether or not they fit the historic profile of people an organisation has previously hired.

Kate Glazebrook, founder and CEO, says, “This investment is going to help change people’s lives by opening up the job market to more people and ensure, for the first time, truly meritocratic hiring. We’re excited at the prospect of helping organisations take a fresh look at recruitment and shake off any unconscious biases which may be stifling their growth and success.”

Applied themselves are also hiring! Roles include Senior Growth Marketer, Product Lead, Data Scientist, Software Developer and Customer Success Lead.

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