Asset Match talk to City AM about how they are transforming the way we buy and sell shares


Asset Match Limited

14 November 2013

Crowdfunding platforms are multiplying across the world, with investors flocking to websites like Kickstarter to take a punt on small, private companies in the hope of high reward. Indeed, according to a recent report by research firm Massolution, by the end of 2013, crowdfunding is expected to reach $5.1bn (£3.17bn) in funds raised. But crowdfunding cannot help investors who want to buy shares in companies but who feel startups are a step too far along the risk curve. And shareholders in these early-stage businesses often find it difficult to sell their investment should they need.

This is the problem Stuart Lucas and Iain Baillie are trying to solve. Their company, Asset Match, is an online peer-to-peer multi-trading platform for private companies and investors wanting to create liquidity in privately-held shares. It was founded in 2011, and was Lucas’s idea – stemming from an investment he was involved in 13 years ago. That business was still backed by private equity, and Lucas realised that he could not be the only early investor in a now-successful company who was struggling to sell his shareholding.

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