Beaufort reports NorthInvest has seen a 25% increase in members


UK Business Angels Association

09 April 2018

Investment platform NorthInvest has reported a 25% increase in membership across the North of England.

The new ‘angel hub’ – which is run by NorthInvest in association with the UK Business Angels Association (UKBAA) – offers angel investors unique access to co-working space where they can connect with tech founders and other such investors.

The hub is based in Leeds, which is becoming a focal point for the early-stage investor community within the Leeds city region.

Over the last six months, more than 30% of NorthInvest applications have been passed to investors resulting in a rise in investment throughout the region, including into ‘tech for good’ applications.

“We are delighted with the amplification we are curating at NorthInvest, not only of applications for investment, but also the considerable leap in investors looking to engage and fund new tech across the North,” said Adam Beaumont, founder of NorthInvest.


“This identifies the need, and the opportunity, we have within our cities to place innovation at the heart of what we do, and the ability to make tech for good a reality.”

The not-for-profit organisation has also welcomed three new female entrepreneurs over the past month and has announced its commitment to hosting female-led events during Leeds Digital Week.

These events will feature Helen Oldham, founding board director, and Sara Parker, strategic adviser, both of NorthInvest, and will offer an opportunity for women investors and entrepreneurs to network.

Helen added: “We know that creating a network of women investors, alongside our full cohort of angels is essential to encouraging female entrepreneurs.

“The national statistics show that women only make up 14.1% of the total angel community, and we’re determined that NorthInvest plays a key role in positively influencing this statistic for the better.”

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