13 January 2018

Britbots, the organisation dedicated to promoting U.K.-based robotics companies, and Sapphire Capital Partners, a specialist manager of tax-efficient funds, today announces the launch of the second British Robotics Seed Fund.  The new fund follows the success of the first fund, which has now been fully invested, leading the seed rounds of six high-potential robotics and AI (artificial intelligence) related ventures.

The new fund will be predominantly focused on SEIS-qualifying investment opportunities thereby delivering the most significant tax benefits to investors, nonetheless there will be scope for the fund to make a number of investments under the EIS scheme when there are scale-up opportunities for existing portfolio companies. Further information is available at

There has been rapid increase in the number of robotics-related start-ups and the fund looks to partner with entrepreneurs and academic robotics teams to deliver high-value businesses that can deliver superior returns for investors.

In a climate where returns on listed investments are constrained, exploiting the rapid global adoption of robotics and AI systems whilst also benefiting from attractive tax reliefs under SEIS/EIS makes for an exciting high-growth investment strategy, as part of a broader portfolio.  Opportunities for significant investment returns in this sector are becoming widespread, with more than 50 robotics and automation companies being acquired over the last year, for a total consideration of more than £20 billion.

The second fund will look to back world-class entrepreneurs with global product opportunities.  There will be a particular focus on machine-learning and enabling technologies for autonomous robotics.  Britbots meets with hundreds of businesses each year and has already earmarked a number of exciting businesses as potential investments for the fund.

Dominic Keen, founder of Britbots commented, “I’m delighted to be able to launch our second robotics fund.  It is the best way for an investor to get access to mixed basket of shares in the exciting robotics and AI growth companies that are shaping our economy for the decades ahead.”

Thiago Azevedo of ZOA Robotics, a recipient of seed funding via the first British Robotics Seed Fund, added, “The British Robotics Seed Fund is unique in providing a specialist funding source for robotics entrepreneurs like myself.  In addition to the investment provided, they’ve taken an active role in business, using their expertise to focus our strategy and execution.”

The fund will close at the end of March 2018.

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