British Robotics Scale-Up Fund soon to close



18 October 2019

Britbots creates funding and support solutions to maximise the value-growth of those companies developing the next generation of intelligent autonomous machines that promise to transform our world.

Launched earlier in 2019, the British Robotics Scale-Up Fund is soon to close, raising funds to accelerate a select set of fast-growing businesses encompassing a wide range of business sectors.

As labour costs increase and the price of a robot falls, the adoption and application of robotics, automation and AI technology (“RAAI”) is boosting productivity and standards-of-living all around the world.  Awareness of RAAI’s potential has been driving considerable M&A activity with globally announced transactions that already exceed US$100 billion in aggregate in the first half of 2019. As home to some of the world’s leading RAAI researchers and engineers, Britain continues to be an extremely active participant in this domain.

“Since 2017, Britbots has backed fifteen UK-based RAAI businesses. The new fund is now looking to provide scale-up funding to at least eight top-performing companies,” comments Dominic Keen, Britbots CEO. Britbots will back businesses with potential for exceptional growth and minimises investor risk by diversifying its portfolio across a broad range of sectors and formats.

All Britbots fund investments are EIS-qualifying thereby delivering offering attractive tax benefits to investors and all tax certificates are anticipated to be returned to investors this year and prior to the self-assessment deadline. “AI and robotics excite forward thinking investors who are well aware of the UK’s technology prowess,” adds Jodi Bartin, CEO of investment banking firm Citicourt & Co who has partnered with Britbot to successfully deliver this 4th fund for Britbots.

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