CARELINELIVE and ENVESTORS: Careful funding in place



06 December 2017

ENVESTORS are delighted to announce that we have successfully raised the maximum funding required for CARELINELIVE of c.£330,000 resulting with the round closing on  November 28 2017.  The funds raised will be used for:

  • Recruitment and new employees
  • Capital expenditure on Mobile Handsets and IT
  • Working capital

“We are happy to announce that the seed round for CareLineLive has now been closed, allowing our business to realise the true growth potential. Already on track to achieve the planned results, multiple units of CareLineLive have already been sold, with launches taking place from January 2018 onwards. Without the investment, our ability to ramp up and grow as quickly as needed would not have been possible. The team has already strengthened phenomenally with the addition of a junior developer and Director of Sales to drive the business forward. 2018 looks set to be an incredibly exciting year.”

Josh Hough, CEO, CareLineLive

‘We are very pleased with the success of the funding round with CARELINELIVE which will be used to expand its revolutionary management and monitoring platform.  CARELINELIVE enables a care agency to run their entire business from anywhere using its cloud-based management platform. We are delighted to be a part of such an important and innovative project’.

Nick Taylor, Director, ENVESTORS


Originally started in 2010, the MAS Technical Group is directed by entrepreneur Josh Hough. The company has created a revolutionary product for the Domiciliary (Home Care) Industry, CARELINELIVE (CLL). CLL allows a care agency to run their entire business from anywhere. It’s cloud-based management platform handles electronic rotas, timesheets, electronic call Monitoring (visits to customers), Payroll and invoices.

The sale model for CLL is a one-bill solution that includes a mobile handset for each carer, inclusive with contract and the Cloud Platform. It will be sold directly to care agencies who will purchase the product based on the number of carers employed. MAS Group are already in discussions with companies in the UK and Australia with one existing customer already. New investment is required to enable the company to grow the sales team which will also benefit the existing offerings from MAS Group.

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Agne Pakalniskyte, Senior Investment Manager, ENVESTORS

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