City minister: Innovate Finance Global Summit speech


UK Business Angels Association

21 March 2018

Fantastic to see entrepreneurs, the giants of tech and finance, and the emerging players in FinTech under one roof…

…to celebrate the success of UK FinTech…

…and chart a future for the industry.

But we don’t need to navigate too far from our shores to witness how far we have come.

As a former Heritage Minister, I can see this link between our past, however ancient, and the present.

We should walk over to Bloomberg’s new headquarters at Queen Victoria Street…

…and admire the 405 Roman tablets found during its construction.

My favourite is an old promissory note detailing the payment of 105 denarii from Tibillus to Gratus – which is now the earliest dated document found in Romain Britain.

The irony that this was an ancient financial contract found in the heart of London…

…on a tablet, roughly the size of an iPad…

…didn’t escape anyone in the City!

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