ClearlySo Impact Investment Funds Conference 2019 now available to watch online



11 February 2019

The ClearlySo Impact Investment Funds Conference was held on the 17th January 2019 at The Royal Society. The conference, the first of its kind in the United Kingdom, brought together a wide spectrum of 100 professionals (with more than 100 on the wait list) working with impact investment funds.

The full conference was recorded and is now available to watch at your convenience HERE.

01: Welcome and introduction
Harry Humphreys, Head of Impact Funds Advisory – ClearlySo

02: Keynote – How I discovered impact investing
Chris Hulatt, Founder – Octopus Group

03: Panel discussion – Impact investing, why take the plunge?
Shade Duffy, Head of Corporate Governance Responsible Investment – AXA Investment Managers
Beth Houghton, Partner (Head of Impact Fund) – Palatine Private Equity
Harry Humphreys, Head of Impact Funds Advisory – ClearlySo
Florian Kemmerich, Managing Partner – Bamboo Capital Partners
Frederic Michel, Group Director – Impact Investment and Sky Ocean Ventures, Sky Group
Marjoleine van der Peet, Senior Portfolio Manager – Co-Portfolio Manager Global Impact Pool – Kempen Capital Management

04: Closing
Rod Schwartz, Founder and CEO – ClearlySo

ClearlySo has also published a free report on impact investment that assesses after 15 years of hype, what has actually changed. You may download your free copy here.

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