Conviction Investment Partners chooses the Envestors’ Network platform to improve efficiency, investor experience and increase deal flow



03 July 2019

Envestors is delighted to announce that Conviction Investment Partners, the London based, global syndicate of sophisticated investors, has joined the growing Envestry community – a digital universe that connects investment networks from across the UK, India, EMEA and China.

Founded in the early 2000s, Conviction Investment Partners (CIP) pursues direct investment opportunities in early stage, post-revenue, scalable B2B tech businesses. CIP was built on a unique ethos: its founders invest in every deal – thus ensuring maximum alignment between CIP and its investors – and also the ‘Just in Time’ model, meaning that they invest modest amounts annually, resulting in less equity dilution for existing shareholders in subsequent funding rounds, while also ensuring businesses have the funds they need to grow.

Recent high-profile deals include the letting portal Zumper, Atom Bank, the UK’s first bank built exclusively for smartphones and tablets and the mobile payments company iZettle, which was recently acquired by PayPal for over $2bn.

As part of the Envestry community, CIP will have their own white-label, FCA-regulated fundraising platform enabling them to post and promote investment opportunities to their investors. The platform includes self-service investor registration and deal origination, nearly eliminating administrative tasks. CIP will also be able to improve the investor experience with deal tracking, facilitated due diligence through a secure data room and portfolio management.

The most exciting feature, according to Kristina Lazurenko CIP Associate Director, is deal-sharing. This syndication feature allows individual networks like CIP share their deals with other networks in the community. At present, there are 14k sophisticated investors in the community. It’s a win-win situation in which networks get broader exposure for their deals, while individual investors get a greater variety of investment opportunities all via a single channel.

‘As the CIP syndicate continues to grow’, says Kristina, ‘we are finding the old-fashioned, manual process of managing our deals and investors is becoming more and more cumbersome. By allowing our investors to access all deal information in one place and all communication via one channel,  Envestry will transform and simplify the entire process for both CIP and our investors, which in turn will allow us to focus on finding on the best investment opportunities for our network and the exciting next phase for CIP, which includes launching our first fund.

If you would like to learn more about Envestry for Networks, click here.

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