Deloitte launches new startup offering


Propel by Deloitte

19 July 2016

Deloitte has launched a new cloud-based service called Propel by Deloitte, aiming to help ambitious startups and scale-ups to grow.

Launched by Deloitte’s Innovation Investments scheme, which encourages its entrepreneurial employees to turn start-up ideas into businesses, this new offering is expected to bring a new level of real-time transparency to entrepreneurial reporting. It is hoped that this will be especially attractive to investors’ portfolio businesses and entrepreneurs seeking to secure angel investment.

Alongside a core bookkeeping and accounting service, Propel provides entrepreneurs and their investors with a bespoke dashboard that allows them to monitor key metrics such as business growth, gross profit and sales by day. It also analyses non-financial data gathered through apps, ranging from web traffic to top selling products, generating a more accurate picture of business performance.

To find out more about the new service, click here.

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