Eco-tech startup Pawprint, founded by ex-Skyscanner and Lingo24 execs, opens crowdfunding round



08 April 2020

Eco-tech startup Pawprint, based in WeWork Labs Edinburgh, are soon to launch a crowdfunding campaign. The company, founded by a team of three successful entrepreneurs and two ex-unicorn execs, have previously raised a £580k seed round and now want to engage the crowd as part of its plans to build a movement empowering people to fight climate change.
Pawprint is a behavioural change platform for sustainability, and will have offerings for corporates, merchants of low carbon goods and services, consumers, and environmental groups. It will give everyone their own ‘Pawprint’, or carbon footprint, and support them and their communities as they look to be more climate-friendly while achieving other lifestyle goals. The leadership team is headed by Christian Arno, Founder and former CEO of Lingo24, and Douglas Cook and Mark McCafferty, ex-Skyscanner and Wood MacKenzie respectively.
You can find out more about Pawprint at

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