ENVESTORS GO WEST! Breaking down barriers and opening up opportunities outside of the Golden Triangle



26 September 2018

It is becoming increasingly evident that the South West of England is emerging as the new ‘Start-up’ hub of the UK.

Beauhurst recently identified 275 ‘Scale-up businesses’ in the South West of England, all of whom have previously secured equity investment or venture debt and with those in the technology and services sectors making up the majority.  Crowdfunding platforms have led the way for these scale-ups, facilitating 53 of the 138 raises.

The identified companies are all eager to grow and seek further investment from around the UK.  However, there is one major hurdle: the South-West currently lacks the opportunities and tools to encourage online connectivity and growth, especially when seeking investment from ‘the Golden Triangle’ and overseas-based investors.

To try and overcome these barriers, Envestors held a round table lunch at Smith & Williamson, Bristol in conjunction with the UK Business Angels Association (UKBAA) and the UK Crowdfunding Association (UKCFA). The lunch was attended by 30 industry leaders within the local investment sector to discuss how to best stimulate investment in Bristol and the South-West. The key points discussed were:

  • How to better collaboration not only within the local community, but also connectivity with other parts of the UK
  • How to promote the fantastic investment opportunities in the South West by hosting more collaborative events
  • How to share deals amongst facilitators.

Envestors’ white label co-investment software platform aids in solving this problem, making it easy to promote deals, raise funds and engage with investors – whether you are a scale-up business seeking investment, or a facilitator wanting to efficiently promote your deals to your own network and beyond. To date, the platform has been used to invest £100m into over 200 companies across 90 licensees.

For more information please contact Jennie.sherington@envestors.co.uk 


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