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01 November 2017

To celebrate the launch of our new client company THEDOGAPP, ENVESTORS held a breakfast seminar for twenty of our dog loving investors and their canine companions.

THEDOGAPP is the new go-to social media app that allows dog owners to interact with other owners and small businesses – anything from sharing pictures, organising social events or simply connecting with other likeminded users to learning about training, local vets or just somewhere that is incredibly dog friendly.  Think Facebook with, well, a bit of extra bite.

The room was filled with treats, the highlight of which was a doggie bar, perfect for our thirsty four-legged friends to relax with a pint while celebrity dog trainer, Oli Juste, delivered a hugely entertaining presentation on positive behavioural training. For the investors, we heard from Bella Ilinkskaya –  the CEO and Founder of THEDOGAPP – along with breakfast, drinks and goodie bags.  It was generally agreed to be anything but a dog’s breakfast.

With 8.4m dogs in the UK and an average individual spending 2 hours daily on social media, THEDOGAPP, with its 25,000 downloads and 75,000 user sessions, proves to be a useful tool for dog owners and a scalable business.  The successes of niche social media indicate that the next big trend is towards segmentation (vertical social networks) which focuses on passions and common interests.” Bella Ilinskaya, CEO, THEDOGAPP

Learn more at www.thedogapp.co.uk

From the Great Danes to the Scottish Terriers, the event was well received by all and goes to show ENVESTORS really has gone to the dogs. THEDOGAPP has currently raised £200,000 in a £800,000 funding round based on a £2.9m pre-money valuation. The investment will be used to strenghthen their marketing with a goal of reaching 400k app instalments and further develop the platform.

Agne Paklniskyte, Investment Manager, ENVESTORS


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