Envestors poised to increase support for scale-ups as investor community surpasses 11,000 members



11 July 2019

July 11, 2019: Envestors, the fintech fundraising company, has today announced its community of connected sophisticated investors has grown to 11,000.  Envestors’ ‘Network of Networks’ is a digital community that connects investment networks from across the UK, India, EMEA and China – providing a single access point for scale-ups raising funds.

A number of high-profile investment networks, keen to improve deal flow and better serve their investors with the white-label offer, have recently joined the network. SETSquared, the global #1 business incubator, 360 Equity and Conviction Investment Partners are among the many.

‘We’re delighted to be part of this growing network’, says Modwenna Rees-Mogg, founder of The Pluralists Club, and Envestry partner since its inception.  ‘The team at Envestors is great and supportive.  But most of all, it’s an all in one solution for facilitation of deals within a regulated environment. What is there not to like for our type of investors?’

‘We are so pleased to have grown the Envestry community to such an impressive number’, says Oliver Woolley, CEO of Envestors.  ‘Our growing number of network partners are reaping the benefits of this new, vast world of connectivity and communication.’

Envestors offers investment networks and clubs an FCA regulated, white-label platform that allows them digitise investor sign-up, deal origination, investor due diligence and investment transaction. The real benefit of the solution, according to Woolley, is its syndication feature. ‘The problem with the world of early stage investing is that it’s fragmented. There is no one place you can go as an investor to find opportunities and it’s the same for businesses: there is no one place to go to find investors. We’re solving that problem; in our ‘network of networks’ deals can be shared between closed investment groups and investors can browse and invest in deals from other networks without having to register with each one. We’re bringing the world of early stage investing into the future.’


About Envestors:

Envestors is a fintech company that connects investors and start-up companies.

With our fundraising platform Envestry, start-ups and investment networks get a personalised site to promote deals, raise finance and engage with investors 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

We know first-hand Envestry delivers—we’ve raised £100m+ for over 200 companies through our own private investor network.

Founded in 2004, Envestors is regulated by the FCA and has offices in the UK, the Channel Islands, the UAE and strategic partners across China. envestors.co.uk

About Envestry for Networks:

Envestry for Networks is a fundraising platform that enables investor groups, accelerators and associations to post and promote investment opportunities to their networks and syndicate deals to our broader network of 14,000 registered investors.



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