36GJE Investor IP Clinic

Intellectual property (IP) is often an intrinsic and critical part of the value of a company. However, it is often misunderstood or overlooked when considering an investment opportunity. IP firm Gill Jennings & Every is offering a free consultation for investors looking to make investments in technology companies, to answer questions on IP and to help with considerations for IP due diligence.

What IP considerations should you have in mind when looking at a technology company? Has the company properly captured its innovations or are there opportunities to add value post-investment? What risks are likely to be uncovered in due diligence?”

Gill Jennings & Every (GJE) is a leading European intellectual property firm advising on patent and design rights, trade marks and brands, domain names, copyright, trade secrets and anti-counterfeiting. GJE provide the ideal combination of legal, technical and commercial expertise to help turn innovations, brands and designs into a commercial success. GJE additionally offer ConsultIP™ , a portfolio of unique consultancy services that will help you – whether you are a company or investor and wherever you are in your business lifecycle – answer fundamental questions about the IP you have and how best to use that IP strategically. If you want further understanding about intellectual property or how you can use ConsultIP™ as an investor, click the link to book a free 45-minute session with one of our partners.

Book a session with an IP advisor specialist here on 25th – 26th August: https://calendly.com/gje/gje-investor-ip-clinic.