36Fundraising Essentials: Term Sheet Workshop

SeedLegals and Runway East are hosting this interactive workshop designed to help every attendee generate a ready-to-sign Term Sheet within one hour.

This session is essential for any startups that have started fundraising or are looking to raise between £100k – £1m from Angel investors or early stage Venture funds. And for new angels that would like an overview of the Term Sheet negotiation process.

Date: 12pm – 2pm on 27th February 2018
Venue: Runway East Moorgate, London
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Workshop Overview

We will take you through all the key deal points investors and founders negotiate, get you up to speed on the terminology so you can select the deal points that are right for your round and finally help you create your own custom Term Sheet on SeedLegals, ready to share and sign, all within two hours.

What You Get

  • An overview of the entire legal process for a funding round
  • Step-by-step guidance to Term Sheet negotiations – and help selecting the right Terms for you
  • A free custom Term Sheet on SeedLegals, tailored to the exact specs of your round (RRP £500)
  • Free access to SeedLegals Base Plan for 3 months which gives you the ability to create a suite of company agreements you will need for Due Diligence.

Our Speaker

The session is led by serial entrepreneur and investor Anthony Rose. Anthony has built and sold multiple startups, and founded SeedLegals in 2016 to streamline the funding process. SeedLegals uses data from hundreds of deals and smart tech to create the exact legal documents you need for Angel rounds through to Series B. The platform now helps close 2 funding rounds every day, making it the largest closer of funding rounds in the UK.

What You’ll Need


12:05 – Welcome from Runway East
12:10 – Overview of the Funding Legal Process
12.30 – Q&A
12:45 – Interactive Term Sheet Building
13:30 – Tea, Coffee & 1-on-1 Term Sheet Finalising

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