Free R&D Tax claim for anyone doing novel R&D to combat COVID-19


TBAT Innovation

25 March 2020

At TBAT we’re trying to do everything possible to support our network; interpreting the latest government support packages; pushing through R&D tax credit claims to inject short term cash; developing robust business plans, to ensure that when we come through this a business is in the best position possible.

Over the past weeks we have seen several companies releasing inspiring and heartening announcements that they are making every effort to speed up R&D in order to combat COVID-19.

In support of these companies, as a thank you, TBAT would like to offer to undertake their R&D Tax Credit claims for one year for free.

If this applies directly to you and your company, or if you’re a company that needs business support generally, we’d love to hear from you, use the contact details below to get in touch.

01332 819740

All the best from the team at TBAT Innovation.

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