Green Angel Syndicate attracts investment from key members


Green Angel Syndicate Ltd

25 September 2017

In an unusual departure for Green Angel Syndicate, a funding round for the syndicate has seen thirteen of its most enthusiastic members investing in equity in the syndicate itself.  This investment is intended to support the marketing of the syndicate to the wider population of angels and potential angels, whose concerns for resource use and environmental challenges might find resonance in Green Angel Syndicate.

But it also brings the new group closer to the process of investing. They have formed a new Advisory Board. The specialist knowledge of each has direct relevance to the specialist themes of Green Angel Syndicate investments. This extends the range and depth of the syndicate’s capacity for analysing, understanding and predicting the potential of its investee companies, effectively de-risking the investments with specialist knowledge to a much greater extent than would otherwise be possible. This consequently has been a team building event as much as a fund raising exercise. 

This follows the appointment of Simon Acland to the Board, and the re-location of the office base to Shand Street, beside London Bridge.

Founder Nick Lyth comments: “In a world where automation is being used to replace so many human activities, crowdfunding being the equity market’s version, it is gratifying to focus back on people. People make businesses succeed. Running an angel syndicate is no different.”

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